Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I should know better

In an hour or so I am going to meet a cute (Asian) Indian boy at a casino he consults at. I met him on the plane, he has been on at least 3 of my flights, and I noticed him because he had shaggy hair that made him look like the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

Two days ago he was on my flight and he lingered at the end of the flight, it was obvious he was going to ask me out, but, because of dumb reasons, I sort of pushed him off the plane saying "How do you say goodbye in Hindi?" I had every intention of running into him after we got off the plane, but the passengers were takins so long to get off, one lady was looking for the lens of her glasses, that he was gone by the time I got off.

Well I was glad in the end. I know there is one reader who knows this, but otherwise, it is a bad idea to get involved with a South Asian born boy. South Asian marriages are marriages of families, not just individuals, so the families rarely accept people outside of their culture. To make it worse he has a muslim name, so from my personal experience with a pakistani boy, I should, under no circumstances, fall for this boy.

But my roommate pushed me to call the casino and ask for him. And when I am pushed to do something I already want to do (she is the one who pushed me to make out with my neighbor) it is hard for me to say no. So I called him, and we made plans for tonight.

I think I will have to be sure I don't have sex with him, so I don't fall for him, and I will be sure to let him know I can't have a relationship (which I am sure he will be fine with.) He is very cute, probably very young, and I will just enjoy his company, and his lilty accent.

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