Wednesday, February 14, 2007

8:24PM, Valentine's Night

Okay, now I am feeling a little sad. I was thinking about him a bit, I did like him. I really did. Oh man, I liked him!

One lesson I have learned is not to share too much of my sexuality. I was SOOOOO horny after all of those months without any sex, and so many more months without any good sex. I just let my inner slut out! I am not saying I shouldn't be slutty in bed, but I don't need to share verbally, what a horny girl I am. I think I was a bit of my hypersexual former self, partly because it was so pent up, and I am sure partly subconciously, going back partially to the mindset that sex is how you get love. Its my old pattern, and even if I have cut it back partially, it must have come back as a defense to protect my still broken heart about Charles.

I love my blog. Writing it out is really helping me.

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