Saturday, February 10, 2007

Drug Abuser

I have been stuffing myself with food the last few days. It is very possible that my period is coming up, but I am sure that it is also self medication for anxiety. Things are going relatively well, in fact, when I review my life I can’t think of much stressful going on. Have a boy, don’t have a boy, not, in the big picture, that big of a deal. But I am anxious.

I have been working out again. What is it about working out that makes me anxious? I am assuming increased brain activity.

I wish I felt more security in the Alan situation, I don’t know how I will proceed, I like spending time with him, the cuddling, and the sex, but I don’t want to be hurt or made a fool of again so soon.

Whatever the solution is, force feeding myself and blowing up like the Michelin man is not it.

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