Friday, February 16, 2007

Feels so good!

I just went to the gym, halfway on a whim. I put on the workout gear but then decided I shouldn't go because I have had so little sleep, but when at the pharmacy I just drove past my house to the gym.

And good thing, Ullrick was there and had I not seen him, I might have lost my sessions. He hasn't followed through well at all, and now it turns out that he is starting a new club of his own, so I bet my sessions would have fallen through the cracks with him. I am going to have to be on his case. By the way, he looks like he is losing a little bulk, he looks so much better, more human, but his arms are still weird.

Uh, my fartlek was so great! On the running intervals my heartrate hardly went up. I usually do 3.5 walking for 2 minutes then 5.o running for 2, and I only do it for 20 minutes + a cool down because I want working out to be associated with fast and easy in my head. I want it to be something I can just run in and do real quick. I did a 6.0 interval and it just felt like heaven, I can see myself in the future running at 6.0 (10 minute mile) for the whole 20 minutes :)

And maybe I am feeling so great because I cried yesterday? Seriously, I wonder if thats the case. Maybe it has something to do with me being super tired, I can get a little high on life when I haven't slept enough.

Anyway, I am going to go out more often, and work out more often :)

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