Thursday, February 15, 2007

His Apology

The message went something like this...

"Hi, this is Alan
I am so sorry
I have been so mean
You deserve so much better than this
It's not your fault
I'm just so busy right now, I have got so much on my mind, I just cant have another person in my life
I don't know, its weird
I don't know why I am so selfish
I hope everything is okay and that you take care of yourself
You deserve so much better, and I hope you find it

It was delivered in the exact same tone as absolutely everything else he says. I can see him with a half grin on his face and an eyebrow arched up as he says it, because that is how he always talks. I liked the message, I deserved an apology in the least, but for the love of god, wouldn't this be better delivered the day after he met the new girl, not the day after my ruined Valentine's day?

Oh well. Glad I got it, I hope he feels like shit.

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