Sunday, February 04, 2007

Psychic Predicts: Colts win Superbowl

There was a woman shuffling Tarot cards on the airplane today. I made a joke that she should use the cards to predict if the Colts would win, (for a Colt’s fan sitting next to her) and she said something about wanting to practice. I asked if she would practice on me, and she said yes (no charge.)

I had two readings. The had me choose a path I wanted to learn about. The first one was “I have made a career decision, am I making the right choice?” My decision is to stay at the regional I am at, because I have good senority, and part time is available. The first thing she asked me was if I made this decision because of a relationship. I said yes. The reason I said yes is the major reason I stay is so I can raise children. This is a good job for a part time job, and I can be a full time parent the rest of the time.

She told me about a card that said I need to be sure not to hold my intelligence under a bushel, (I do that) that I have to speak my mind in my relationship, to speak up about my needs, and not bake decisions based on the both of us, but on myself. That is something I did with Charles. I was too focused on “us” and not enough on me, so when he didn’t do the same, things didn’t work out.

The next card was a person blindfolded and bound. She said I would feel bound, either intellectually or geographically, which is easy to predict would be the reality if I stay at this job.
Another one she pointed at was one that said that the relationship would balance things out, that he would has a pretty good job so he can make up for some of the financial things. After that I told her that the reason I am staying is not for a particular person, but because I want to raise kids, and this job is good for that. She showed me that this particular card was the card of a stable family.

I liked the reading, it meshed with my reality very much. The second reading was about Alan. How will that relationship go? The first thing that she said was that the relationship is very “friend” oriented, which is very true. She said it is very “collegial” the next one said that he is very deep and thinks a lot. I could believe that. She said that I am opinionated, and that is what he likes about me, and that I should be sure to speak my mind. She said that I am entering into a sunny phase of my life, which makes sense considering my depression has been in remission for nearly a year. She also showed me a conflict card. She said that the people in the picture are fighting, but they don’t know what they are fighting about, so I had to be sure communication is very clear, including my feelings for the last guy (Charles) She also said that I would need to make some sort of decision in about 3 months.

These readings were a lot of fun. She seemed like a pretty normal lady, not fruity or flaky. She didn’t call herself a psychic, she called herself an “empath” she said that the uses the cards to guide her reading. She also said the person receiving the reading already knows most of these things, and the reading just helps them face it.

I don’t really believe in tarot cards, but I do believe in psychology. I think that some people are very sensitive and good at reading people (I am one of them, I sometimes feel the emotion that another person is feeling, a bad thing if the other person is anxious or depressed) If you are good at reading people, whether it is to a supernatural extent or not, you can sense, based on the persons body tension, facial expressions and responses, how to interpret each card. I might secretly hope that there is an extremely deep level of being able to read something, where someone can see a picture in their head, and have it be true (she said Alan had dark hair, but how easy is that? Most people have dark hair) But even if that doesn’t exist, I see no harm in the calming effect I felt having this woman do my readings. I do see harm in people who exploit vulnerable, sometimes uneducated people by taking their money in exchange for false and/or vauge information, but I think in my case it was harmless. I am smart enough to keep my perspective, and smart enough to take good advice when it’s given to me, no matter by whom.

And she said the Colts would win…there is the big test if she's for real;)

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