Thursday, February 22, 2007

I don't know

I have been hanging out with my neighbor, and his ex girlfriend Francis for the last 2 days. I am so tired of her, and maybe of him too. She is just so fucking pushy, UUUUUUGH! And he has been flirting with me right in front of her, hard core, so if she didn't suspect something happened, then she will now!

He told me today that if he was 10 years younger he would marry me. He says very sweet things alot, which I really appreciate, he is a very nice and cool guy, but I am glad he is older than me, because it gives me an excuse to not "like" him.

And Francis really embarrasses me. She is so loud, and her manners are terrible. And she is so bossy. Today at the UPS store I asked her to buy a box of envelopes for me, and I would pay her cash in the car, and she said, loudly, right in front of the cashier, "This isn't the place to buy envelopes, you buy those from the dollar store" For the love of god that would only save me 1.25! That girl has issues. I am glad now that she moved to Florida. If you asked me if I would choose to be friends with her if I could do it all over again, I don't know what my answer would be. She is a very special and unique person, but I can only stand her in small doses. She is very generous, but really drives me nuts sometimes.

What a night. I wasn't going to go out tonight, I told her if I did I would be useless tomorrow, and her response was "it's mind over matter, if you think you will be tired tomorrow, you will" I swear I could slap her. I spend so much time fighting to have energy for the day...if she only knew how unkind that comment is.

Shes leaving while I am gone at work, I just wish I could have had a break before going back.

God I am glad she moved to Florida!

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