Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why I will not let myself fall for him

Diana, are you listening? After he persues his PhD (In New Jersey may I add) he is going back to India to start an engineering school. K? No future, got it? Not a chance in hell.

I had fun tonight. He is cute, 27 (I thought he was younger) and very funny and smart. Boy can he talk! He talked and talked and talked. He told me a lot of stories. It was very long winded, but charming.

I went to the casino he works and lives at 3 days out of the week, and we had the overpriced buffet. Then we played video roulette for a few minutes, I went from 1 dollar to 4, but then lost it all.

We went to his room and he had chocolates delivered before I arrived. We sat, talked, watched a little tv, and then started kissing.

I told him right away I didn't want to have sex, and he said neither did he. He was very aggressive and passionate, which I like. He did some very aggressive things to me with his hands, during which I gave him permission to have sex with me, but he still refused. He told me he wanted to test my limits, and he made it seem like I was in for a wild night when it would happen. I am looking forward to it (umm, where did my plan to not have sex with him go?) because he was so aggressive, and he looked me dead in the eye while he was touching me, which was SO SEXY. He has a very small penis I discovered, but the best sex partner ever, Timothy Bearclaw, had a teeny weeny, and in a way I think it turned me on more, because since he wasn't hitting my cervix it was like getting teased.

At about 11:30 I said I should go but he said wait until midnight. At midnight I suggested that instead of me leaving he should quit his job. We came up with an elaborate plan of how that would work. We would livein a big box near a dumpster at a gas station. We would lease my car for 30 dollars a week, and we would use the bathroom at the gas station. He was talking about starting a foundation called the dumpster foundation, and we would also sing and play guitar for money, and eventually be on Nashville Star (since I am too old for American Idol.)

He is very likeable. HELLLOOOOO DIANA! Remember the whole "I am going to date people from my own background" where did that go? Do you really see this ending well? I think it's good that he has these plans to leave the US, so I can keep my head on straight, but even so, after the once over he gave me, I was already feeling all mushy gushy about him. Sex is dangerous I tell ya!

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