Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bonjour from France

I read an old post of mine today, and felt so proud. I really feel like "Diana Crabtree" was something good. I know it was good for me, it really helped me rise out of depression, but I also think (hope) that a post or two might have influenced someone else.

I am writing this from France, staying with friends I met in India. When I started Diana Crabtree I was so depressed that getting up and brushing my teeth was a challenge that I only did when neccessary. Today I am outgoing and spend time on myself, even a little flashy.

My point? The journey out of depression is worth it. Taking the medication is worth it. Swithing from an all sugar all fat diet to a slightly healthier one is worth it. CHANGING the way you see things to more positive, more grateful, even if it reminds you of people you hate, is worth it.