Friday, February 16, 2007


Tonight Charles came over. I was SOOOO tired when he showed up, due to a lack of sleep and dehydration (see, I'm learning!) so at first I was just burnt out, I could hardly carry on a conversation, but after a couple of cups of tea I came back to life a bit.

We ate food that came from a Somali restaurant we used to go to together, and he had beer (I would have passed out if I drank any alcohol) and then we watched a movie.

We cuddled, and gave each other footrubs and backrubs. He of course tried to take it further, and we talked more about it, mostly that I don't want to lead him on. He asked if I already met another man, so I got to tell him a little about Alan. he kept making comments, like one about our child, about going to my bed, and a specific request for "world peace" (our cute euphamism for, you can guess.) But although it felt nice to cuddle and be stroked affectionatly I felt no temptation to go farther. I really am out of love with him, I love him still, and I am sure other nights will be harder, but I know the break up was right, and that once he meets another girl he will have an easier time of it.

Now I have to clean and pack, but I am so burnt out! Well better tonight than tomorrow morning, where I could be late for work.

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