Saturday, February 17, 2007


In my analysis of what upsets me about losing Alan/Dwight I have forgotten a big element…I have been REJECTED! Yes, I have lost a sex partner and someone to joke around with and go on dates with, but a big hit, maybe the biggest, is to my confidence! Yeah, I got rejected by a guy who looks like a combination between Dwight Shrute from the office and Jack Nicholson. Yup. He would make this weird face sometimes where one of his eyebrows was cocked, and his lip would lift up like elvis, really sortof weird looking. And when he drove, he wore REALLY UGLY glasses, yup, and THAT GUY rejected me! DAAAAAAAMN!

So now I am walking around feeling unattractive, although outside evidence suggests otherwise. My neighbor wants my bod, Charles wants my bod, my roommates horny sex-addict friend wanted my bod the other night, so I must not be that heinous. I just know I have to take off these 3 pounds I have gained, maybe a few more, this is so important to my confidence.

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