Monday, August 06, 2007

Well at least I got out of the house

I got a random call from my cousin tonight asking to crash at my house. I didn't want to bother my roommate while we caught up so I suggested a coffee shop or bar, and leaned towards a bar because of last night and the extrememly boring day I had today.

It was fun, my cousin and I had a real bond a few years ago, so it was fun to catch up. It was also fun to be drinking, and out of the house. I really need to go out more I have decided (having unmarried friends is a great start to having that)

The downside of the evening was being out with a man close to my age, no men would approach me. I think I saw one guy look at me, but thats the most play I could get. My ego needs a boy right now. I think I might be ready to start dating again, or at least to get out, drinking and being seen.

Its funny that I ended a friendship with my neighbor, who drinks too much, because he drinks too much, when what I want is to go out drinking more. But going out with him seems pointless, because our conversations are boring, and sex with him is weird, so I am going out with a man, meaning I wont meet any men, and I cant even have sex at the end of the night, that's just not fun.

I want to go out again soon. My life is so boring I cant believe it. I am un-depressed, but have the depressed habits, I need to change my habits before I become depressed again.

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