Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gay Europeans Make My Nipples Hard

Yes, this song is 40 years old, but hearing it is just making me really happy right now. Especially when he says "Hello" SWOON

If I am such an international dater, why don't I ever date Europeans? Yummy.

Also...I don't think I want a boyfriend right now, I want a gay boyfriend! I need someone to go dancing with, and to develop a safe crush on, but not get scared away and push him away. I'm so sad Juan isn't gay.

Last night at the piano bar a guy said to me "you have the best smile ever" I was really flattered, and said "If I smile for you will you let me get to the bar and buy a drink?" He said "Yes, and a date" and I bought my drink, and when I left the bar he said something about the date and I just ignored him and walked away.

Watching the Pick up artist really puts it into perspective how hard guys have it, I didn't mean to be mean, it just sort of felt normal. :( My gut said he drinks too much, but how can you tell at a bar when everyone is drunk? His gut could have said I drink too much too. I wish I would have talked to him, or at least not have walked away so rudely. He said it in a joking matter, but I could have walked away in a joking matter, not in an insulting matter.

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