Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Roommate thoughts

One really positive thing- when I got home my roommate Raina was really nice. My feelings were REALLY hurt to hear she had said something about me keeping her awake, and not cashing checks on time, but now I assume that all along it was Jennifer, stirring shit up. She, and Raina's cousin Matthew are MEAN I tell you...MEAN!

And I am REALLY hopeful that Juan is gay. PLEASE JOSE be gay! I have a crush on him (and he is NOT a young or handsome guy) and I want to let my crush be free, not have to hold it back. If he is gay I can be his fag-hag OH PLEASE BE GAY!!!

One thing I need to do is be un-sexy, sister-like. I have a sometimes bad habit, sometimes good, of sending out signals. I think it has a lot to do with wanting attention, if I send out signals and get them back it boosts my ego. It is a terrible addiction.

Speaking of, I have lost over 10 pounds, and the difference is amazing. Men are SO NICE when you are pretty. Thats why men are dicks. But I still love having attractive scum of the earth be nice to me. I missed the attention SO MUCH! When you are overweight you are INVISIBLE, INVISIBLE I tell you. I love being visible. LOOK AT ME BOYS! I WILL DEVOUR YOU YOU FUCKS! ;)

Not really. I want love and babies. My man-eater days are over. I just want the confidence to like who I am and to be the person I want to be

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