Friday, August 24, 2007

My favorite song on Kala (ok, one of them) ***I have to keep this at the top for a few days, it's just too cute***

I play this song over and over ago. How cute is it? These kids are from Australia, how often do you hear a loop from a digiradoo? I really wish this video had more pics of the kids, but at least I get to share the song with you...

Mango Pickle Down River

More about the kids:

The Wilcannia Mob

UPDATE: Here is the song "Down River" without M.I.A.'s "Mango Pickle." I realize she had to add something to it in order to put it on her album, but I wish she wouldn't have said something about skipping town without paying the rent. I think she should have kept it child-friendly, and put that part in another song.

Here are the adorable lyrics to the chorus of "Down River" (If anyone knows the full song, minus the MIA part, please e-mail me)

When it's hot we go down to the river and swim
When we go fishing we're catching the bream
When the river's high we jump off the bridge
When we get home we play some didj

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