Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an anxiety disorder

Its 11:19 and I am nowhere near ready to sleep. Yes, its hot in here but after getting so little sleep yesterday I should be knocked out.

I have tried for hours to listen to a relaxation CD, but by the time the "healing fog" has moved from my feet to my calves my mind is somewhere completely random. I turned the computer off but turned it on a half hour or so ago. Thank goodness though! Tay Zonday will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

You know what. I say I give up on trying to sleep, clean and pack while waiting for tay zonday to come on tv, and eat an apple (just in case thats the problem) Laying around like this didnt help me yesterday, so why not try something different.

Hopefully this is my last post tonight

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