Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Eat Diana

I just realized I tried to skip dinner tonight. That is simply not okay.

I feel like it's fine. The hunger just feels like a warmth in my stomach, it almost feels like a REMINDER that I am losing weight...but this isn't acceptable behavior. Losing weight is good, but losing weight in an unhealhty way is unacceptable.

Its okay to have that hunger if I have eaten 1,500 calories today, and have gotten enough protien and vegetables, but all I have had is oatmeal, coffee, a turkey sandwich and a banana. No one but a sick person would think that is an acceptable amount of food to eat in one day.

I have a salad in the fridge, I am going to eat that now.

Did you know eating disorders are the most fatal mental illness? I'm not saying that I would develop one, but my behaviors have not been healthy, and are not conducive to permanent weight loss, or mental health.

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