Sunday, August 05, 2007

Everything is explained

As I assumed, there was an explination for Jennifer's disappearace. Part of it involved trying to ditch Matthews friend "the deuce" and her phone battery going dead. I am convinced.

Now is weird behavior on my part. I got up this morning in a great mood, made breakfast and coffee and ate it in the living room when my roommate came out of her room asking me to turn down the TV. I somehow forgot it was a weekend, and that she was home. Fortunately I was not naked (as I am often too lazy to get dressed on days off)

So for some reason I moved back to my room and sequestered myself in here, even though I am very un-depressed. I ended up taking a nap, which I suppose isn't a bad thing, but its time now to do something more productive. I might even be in the mood to clean! Yay for me!

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