Friday, August 24, 2007

I cant WIN!!!

So, if I eat too little, I get insommnia. I GET IT!

Damn it! All I want to do is lose a little fucking weight! So what am I doing? Eating less. GEEZ! Yet I am still somehow failing. Why does it have to be so FUCKING HARD!?!

So if I have food with me all the time I will eat it, but if I dont have it around I will be hungry. Eating all the time is a lot of work, especially if you are trying to be healthy. 3 meals a day seems like enough work for me, this whole "5 small meals to keep your metabolism high" sounds IM-FUCKING-POSSIBLE!

And yes, I need to excercise more, but need I remind myself that when I was taking walks my spine went all fucking wacko on me (BTW, it has improved- now that I have stopped walking!)

Im just ANGRY. Probably because I am hungry, LOL. This is just really difficult. I have gained 3-4 pounds and I really see it, so it's important that I take this weight off, but I just cant stand how much work it is. I am doing so well too, thats what pisses me off the most. With all of my good choices I am making, I wish I would see more results. I suppose I can count weight watchers points again, but OH LORD that sounds like even more work (but I suppose it beats sleepless nights)

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