Friday, August 03, 2007

A message I just recieved from my aunt

From the Drama Department: [my son] Phil was on a bus coming back from Valley Fair when the I-35 bridge collapsed. The TV News & paper added an extra hair-raising note by explaining that they left Valley Fair 10 minutes late because of a few naughty kids who had to go one more time on a ride, and the bus was about a mile short of the bridge when it went down. I am extremely grateful that I didn't know what had happened until two hours after the disaster, because I was at [my daughter] Sadie's first soccer game. I only had about fifteen minutes of frantic worry before I thought to check my messages at work. Will left the following message at 7:10: "Hi, Mama, it's me...I'm just calling to say we didn't fall in when the bridge crashed. OK. Bye." In spite of the reassurance, we didn't really rest until we clapped eyes on him. Then we went to Culvers for ice cream - purely medicinal!

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