Monday, October 31, 2005

I'll bet it will make me look like Catherine Zeta Jones

Do you know why Catherine Zeta Jones is hotter than the rest of the actresses? Because she is a size 6. Size 6 used to be the ideal. Size six is what I used to feel horrible about myself because I couldn't achieve. Size six is FUCKING SEXY! It is so unreal and stupid that size 4, or 2 or even zero (zero is not a size!) is the hollywood ideal.

Come on! Size 6 is hard enough to achieve, it is adequate to make us feel horrible about ourselves so we have to buy your products so we can have something in common with that beautiful, unachieveable woman in the picture. When I look at a size 2 actress/model sure I feel bad about myself, but I feel bad for her too, so all I feel is bad. When I look at Catherine Zeta Jones' georgeous figure I only feel bad about myself, but she is SO lovely to look at, so at least I feel half positive.

Well I feel certian that iShape is not going to make me look like Catherine Zeta Jones, but I think it is going to help me lose weight. I have been recording my eating on the program and it has tought me some interesting things. For one it validated something I was thinking, that I can't watch my eating without recording and measuring it, because then I don't eat enough. If I was left to my own devices I would be eating 300-500 too few calories, and a few days later it catches up on me and I am ravenous. So poor me, I had to have a snack tonight ;)

I also learned I am eating more protien than I need :) All this time I was worried I didn't eat enough meat and it turns out I only need a few bites of it (or a substitute protien :)

It's also really fun to log in workouts, it feels like a reward. It's cool to see how many calories are coming in vs. going out :) And it's fun to include cleaning & stuff as workouts.

I am sure that this is not a very exciting post to read, but it is an exciting post to write. I feel like I have a chance. I feel like my weight is my choice! It is my choice within reason of course, but I don't want to be skinny anyway. Wait, yes I do... skinny like Catherine Zeta Jones :)

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Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck in the world! It's hard to even get to the point where you ENJOY a diet, so you're well on your way :)

And I have the same 'size' thoughts about Tyra Banks. I'm not sure what size she is, but why would I want to be one of those skinny, pencil thin ladies when I can have a body with all the curves of Tyra's??? Makes no sense to me.

Diana Crabtree said...

Yeah, Tyra is GEORGEOUS! Makes no sense to me either!

Atomic Bombshell said...

I wonder why in the hell I feel like a tub of LARD when I'm a size six... But then again, maybe it's because I'm five foot three, and Zeta-Jones is a tall glamazon.

That, and living in Southern California may give a person a distorted sense of reality. I am bigger than most women in this town... Size 2 and lower is really the only thing acceptable here.

Satan said...

I'm quite hung-over but from what I think you might be saying it appears that you are a complete hottie like CZJ. Good for you. Will you marry me??

Oh hong on I forgot we're already getting married.