Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Leave Diana alone with your boyfriend, she is harmless

Those of you who have read my blog for awhile know how I met Frances. Her now boyfriend is my neighbor who, before she moved in, I had hoped to one day bed. I met her when I was coming up to flirt with the guise of telling him his dome light was on, since meeting her we have become close friends.

Poor Frances' 80 something year old dad had a stroke and she had to move to Florida to take care of him. Her boyfriend and I are taking care of some last things involving her vintage clothing business.

He is running off to get some lunch, and while I am here printing off some labels I noticed I am feeling a bit turned on! My favorite part of all of this is not only is she encouraging us to work together on her business, she even suggested the two of us go out for happy hour!

I guess I am not so different. Trust is a good thing, and if a friend or a boyfriend would cheat then I wouldn't want them anyway, but still, she is making it quite easy for me to be bad!

mood: naughty, but not worried

Update: My fortune cookie from lunch with him: "A clean conscience is a soft pillow"

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Kayla said...

Diana-This is awesome! You are being trusted and you are okay with it. You are enjoying yourself, but you're not running away with it. Having drinks is fun as long as it doesn't get out of hand, that's when things start to happen. I'm very proud that you aren't jumping on the man! haha Just be careful! I know you'll do fine. :)