Friday, October 28, 2005

Some T's crossed and I's dotted

Whew! I have had quite the emotional week. I have fortunately used my anxious energy and channeled it into getting the things done (associating doing=anxiety relief instead of my bad unhealthy pattern of associating doing=anxiety)

My aunt called me back with the sweetest message saying how proud she is of me. I think she really understood what I was trying to tell her (that I am improving.) Her kind reassuring voice was so soothing. I know I am very lucky to have her, some people with both parents don't have someone like that.

I also got to talk to Carrie and she is upset that I can't make the groom's dinner but she forgives me. I still just want to die because of it, but maybe I can try to get someone to pick the day up so I can go there. At least she doesn't hate me.

I got the house reasonably picked up. I would like it cleaner but at least my concience is clear. All I have to do now is figure out how to have both roommate's rent in the bank before the check clears, and get rid of some couches. I feel much better, and quite proud of how much I have done, but I still feel really hurt that I can't be at my aunt's party.

Hopefully when the wedding is over I will feel calmer :)

MMMM and I ate a gonoche (I think) today. Thats like a cupcake with crap inside of it because a cupcake is not decadant enough as it is ;)

mood: very sad :( (but not depressed)


Atomic Bombshell said...

Sounds like your aunt came through with some encouragement right when you needed it most... YAY! :)

Satan said...

Hey Beautiful, ummm, excuse me, I believe that was "very beautiful". That sounds so cool.

Sorry to hear you've been depressed and that you're missing your aunties party. I would have loved to IM style banter with you, but unfortunately this week has been way to busy. But the relatives are gone!

Satan said...

Am I getting the silent treatment?? ; )

Satan said...

*sniff* Fine! Be that way!

Diana Crabtree said...

Hey! I'm not getting e-mails that I have comments! I'm mad (I could have used them last week!)

Thanks Aurora and Satan.

Satan said...

You always use that excuse! I don't believe you I think you are secretly harboring an immense amount of ange.... what the hell am I saying, I was just checking in to make sure you OK, when you choose to reply cause of your technical hitches is also fine...