Saturday, October 15, 2005

You all are so right-thank you

Thank you so much for your sweet, supportive comments! I feel so lucky, so understood, something I need a lot of right now!

Thank you for telling me not just what I want to hear but what I need to hear DONT DO THAT! Geez! Did I do anyone any favors?

Sparkle- Why do women act let the man set the pace if they arent comfortable? You are so right!, if I was uncomfortable with the speed of things and he still pushes it, then I don't want him! Thanks for the reminder. BTW you inspired me when you said on apprentice that you wouldn't call those guys- it is so much better being alone than treated like less than we deserve- thanks for the inspiration!

Stacy- I know! My mouth nearly dropped open when I saw those words "I didn't want to disappoint him" Come on! To make it worse this is the third (or more) time I have done this! This is SO UNACCEPTABLE! Thank you, I have the right to be treated with kindness and affection, I don't owe anyone anything for treating me well.

Hobby- Woo-ey! I know you know where I am coming from! I want them to want to get in my pants, because I want in theirs, just like I want them to be crazy for me because I want to be crazy for them, but not all right away (I still don't know his middle name.) We do have to learn that we are sexy without it being told to us, if we know it then we can't be manipulated by it (not to say he was intentionally manipulating me- intentional being the key word) If we are patient and confident we will meet someone up on our level, arent you glad that we have Satan to have to crush on in the mean time?

And Satan- You are such a phenomenally cool person. Your "not much more to say" says everything.

Everyone who reads- sheesh. Thanks for reading. Thanks for cringing with me at my mistakes, and smiling with me at my victories. I hope my sharing my often unflattering behavior helps you in some way to examine your own, and to treat yourself like gold.

mood: really, really fortunate


Anonymous said...

:) I'm glad you're okay. There's nothing wrong with having sex too soon and I'm not telling you not to do it. If you wait for a prince, you'll be waiting for the rest of your life. It's just all about setting boundaries. That's what feels the best, is getting in the front seat for once and taking control. I got there with the help of friends, and you will too. Just keep telling yourself that you're worth having someone accept your boundaries for once, you know? It takes some getting use to, because you don't want to come off as a bitch or something, but once you do and see how easy it is, and how much they soak it up, you'll never EVER look back

Satan said...

I totally agree with J├╝rgen,

As much as I enjoy my 'phenomenally cool person' title I'm definately still a guy. I would like to think that I'd have picked up on your reluctance but that doesn't mean I'd act in your best interest or definately know you didn't want to, hello, sex on offer. It has a habit of overriding many of your other instincts. Mind you, for any guys out there, you've definately got to clean your bathroom before your lady friend arrives. I mean really, duh, it's the little things.

Satan said...

...or at least get your lady friend to clean it for you... hehehe

Anonymous said...

You know what I miss? A nice, old-fashioned first date. Where you get asked out by a guy you don't know very well and the first evening together is spent gettin to know about the little things. Most of the dates I go on nowadays are prededed with phonecalls, emails, messages etc. So, by the time we get some time alone we're already passed the small talk and ready for that first kiss, which afterwards seems reeeeeally rushed because it was the first date for heaven's sake!

Anyway, how many people do you think would look at me oddly if I told them I had a crush on Satan?? lol