Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sunny Day :)

Well, there is a guy next to me breathing too loud, but otherwise this has been a great day.I am at a coffee shop near the airport, I just spent the last hour in a state park, I had a 5 hour sit at the airport with nothing to do (and no working computer) so I decided to go out and explore. The state park is right across form the airport so I drove right in and parked and after only a few minutes of walking I saw 10 deer. They were very calm deer. There was a great dane only 30 feet from them and they hesitated to run. I also poked ice in the lake with a large stick. Interacting with the environment like that relly brought me back to childhood. It felt very good. Earlier in the day I gat a call from Carter. I thought she may have snubbed me last night, so that was very comforting to hear from her. I discussed how uncomfortable I was the other night, and how if those were her friends I can see why she hates men, and she told me that Jim (the closeted homosexual) offends everyone he talks to and she sort of avoids him. I felt glad to hear that because I had taken it personally. Her and I talked for a half hour or so. Now I am heading back to the airport for a 9PM flight. Fortunately I get to stay in Wichita all day, I am hopeful that it will be warm, and that I can run (or fartlek.) I am very grateful to not be depressed. It is time for me to try it all again, to make the life I want for myself. When I was depressed my goal was to become not-depressed, but now that I am not depressed, I can create new goals. Okay, I have to run.

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