Monday, March 26, 2007

Carrots are good for your health

There could not be a more appropriate crew for me to fly with during this heat I am suddenly in. Instead of single (or immoral) pilots who would feed into my sex frenzy I have a married country boy pilot, and HIM, Vegetarian Dreamboat Pilot.

You know how last night I wrote that I shouldn't be trying to get people interested in me just for attention, now I see that it is genuine attraction that I have here. Vegetarian Dreamboat Pilot is the guy that I am supposed to be finding for myself, he is A1 Prime Angus Steak, nope, scratch that, he is a certified organic carrot, packed full of nutrition!

He went to my high school! He has a girlfriend, so he isn't sending the signals back to me, but doesnt that say something about his character already? Having a girlfriend didn't stop slutty cowboy swagger pilot from hitting on me and Carter's roommate. V.D.P. is the child of hippies, lives in a neighborhood near me (the neighborhoods mean alot to me) and is very philisophical. Ahhhhhhhh!

I am not thinking many sexual things about him, but that could be because he isn't sending me those signals. But I am thinking some. I am so greatful to have met him, he is the new picture in my head of what I need, I need an American born child of hippies, preferably from my city. When I make out with a guy who does the "retarded hands" and actually thinks thats funny, and then I start being all in love with him, I can think about V.D.P. and remember that my high standards are out there, I just have to be patient for them.

But I still want to live it up. I am enjoying this surge of attention and I am not going to guilt myself about it, I deserve it. But still, it is good to meet V.D.P. to help me keep my perspective while exploring this new universe.

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