Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hangin with the "In Crowd"

I watched some of the videos from paris exposed from when she was dating Joe Francis, and I was shocked by what I saw. It wasn't snorting cocaine off of a man's chest that shocked me, it was the degrading way Joe talked to and treated Paris, and how she just took it. He put the video camera on her crotch or her chest and lifted her shirt, she just laughed and covered herself half the time. I cant believe it, she is so pretty and so rich, yet she lets a guy treat her like she's a hired prostitute, a sex object. I can admit that in private that could be fun, but this was in front of many people. I thought that this was just in their weird little circle, but last night I got to learn that others behave that way too.

I always wanted to be in the "in crowd." If a genie gave me 3 wishes in high school, to be popular would probably be my first wish, even before world peace. Last night I got to hang out with the popular people and see what I had been missing. I called Carter (the beautiful blonde) and told her I needed to go out. I had spent some money on myself, I got very cute shoes and earrings, and I wanted to show them off. I did my hair up in a cute 60's-ish puff in front, with the rest hanging. I looked very cute and stylish. She was hanging out with some of her guy friends that night so we would meet them at the bar.

On the way there I learned that the curly haired pilot that I resisted on St. Patty's day had hit on her roommate as intensly as he had me, and that he has a live in girlfriend! I feel so glad that I didn't apologize for saying he seems like a slut.

We showed up at a bar called the moose room or something, quite the college/hick bar type of place. First thing we see Jim, a closeted homosexual, and his friend Matt. we got our drinks and went up to meet them. Jim didn't recognize me, probably because I am not deshevled like I usually am at work. They were all nice to me at first. Carter and I drank more and started dancing, and the guys found a table.

The guy Matt was flirting with me a little at first. They were talking about a girl singing and how she probably gave good blow jobs. I asked how they could tell and they said by how big she can open her mouth. That was all well and good, making fun of some girl at the bar, but then Matt asked me to open my mouth. Suddenly the joke wasn't on her, it was on women in general. I said something to him and apparently I had spit a little. He wiped his face and said "well I know you've got the lubrication." This is where I started to feel uncomfortable.

Later in the night they were even worse. The closeted gay, Jim, was asking me if I shaved my "pussy." This could be a funny conversation if it was meant to be funny, but it wasn't, it was meant to make me uncomfortable. He was saying the most vulgar things he could come up with, to offend me, and of course to appear heterosexual, but the more he said, the more of a woman hater he proved himself to be. They were even sort of degrading to Carter, their friend. I know friends mock friends, but some of it was talking down to her.

The funniest part of the night for me was when I was talking to Matt (who spit on me while talking too by the way) and I said "I'll give you 5 dollars if you dance like Michael Jackson and grab your crotch in front of everyone. He stood up and grabbed his crotch, he turned and faced two girls while grabbing his crotch. This was their cue to look at each other, laugh, and walk away, instead they started to talk to Jim! Apparently they went to the girls' house that night but got kicked out because Jim said something inappropriate.

One thing I regret was dancing really hookerish with Carter. I wasn't doing it to be sexy, I was doing it to be funny, but I wish I hadn't because it could be interpreted differently. One thing I am really proud of was something I said to Jim. He made some comment like "are you and Carter going to have sex tonight" and I looked him dead in the eye and said "There is nothing wrong with being homosexual" he said "yeah if your girls" and I said, firmly "no, guys too." I think that might have to do with why he was so mean to me. I am on to him, and I make him uncomfortable. I hope that the things I said were compassionate and sent a message through to him, even though he wasn't as kind and caring to me.

All in all I don't regret going out with them last night. I feel like my world has expanded, and I have gotten new perspective on this elusive crowd that I had for years coveted. I would have even gone out with them again, but now that I think about it, I think it would be appropriate to say to Carter "I didn't feel very welcome with Jim and Matt" and just hang out with her when a different group was there. Interestingly though, something was supposed to go on tonight, but it's 8:10 and she hasn't called yet. Yes, she had two Long Island Ice Teas last night and may not want to go out, but I still feel a bit snubbed. We will see if she calls.

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