Thursday, March 15, 2007

I can see her bragging about it as we speak

For the hell of it I decided to check out my former bitch of a roommate who uses people's boyfriend's MySpace page. He is a rapper, and actually was pretty decent, in fact I assumed that he would have dumped her by now.

Well, it turns out he actually has a song on there with her name in it!!!

It's so weird to me. He's a good looking guy, and seems smart, not neccessarily educated, but smart. So what does he see in HER? She isn't that pretty, and she just has this icky way about her. Maybe a guy would like it, but a girl is going to see that it's just so put on! Yuck!

Ha ha. She's got what she wanted. She is a part of the "scene" and even has a song about her. And she is special enough for that how? I'll tell you how. She thinks she's special, so she acts like she's special, so some sucker believed it.

I don't feel that mad thinking about her right now. Just glad to be away from her shallow ass. It was really unpleasant living with her, and so to see that she is in her little world living the life she dreamed of I say "good for you, stay there (but give me my fucking money!)"

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