Sunday, January 14, 2007

I think I am unhappy

I just hung out with Alan at a cool breakfast place this afternoon. It was hilarious, I am sitting there talking to him, and I look up, there is Ullrick! He looked silly, wearing a tiny blue shirt on his huge body. I went over and said hi, I got to shake hands with his girlfriend, who seemed very down to earth and sweet (I saw her feed Ullrick a bite from her fork, it was cute!) He was also hanging out with a guy who could have been named "Biff."

When Alan showed up I felt very anxious. When I hung out with him the first time I hadn't seen Charles in 5 months. But now I have seen Charles, and rememered the bond we had. The idea of developing a new bond, another that could be broken, really stressed me out. And I am yet to see his apartment, (he has confessed to being a packrat.) But the anxiety faded after we sat down and had coffee. Charles called while we were there, so I got to think of my ex, the guy I am dating, and my crush, all on the same day.

I really do enjoy his company. I think he enjoys mine too, though he seemed less smitten today then he did the other night. But then again, I was also less smitten today. He also has to study pediatrics, so I know he was preoccupied, but who knows, red flag? Responsibility? Who knows.

I think I am worn out. I think I should try to give up one of my trips. I am just burnt out. I am going to do that, I am going to put a trip up for someone to pick up.


Lavender said...

Hmmm... maybe a break would do you some good. Go man free for a little while, pamper yourself!

Oh, and you've been tagged...


Diana Crabtree said...

Man free right now? Uh uh. This girl needs to get LAID LOL