Monday, January 01, 2007


I forgot to take my medications last night, and my dreams were just awful!

I dreamt that I was sitting in a room and a math teacher handed me a graded pop quiz with 20% on it. I freaked out, I had been registered for these classes but not going or studying (you know, not being in school and all.) This is a recurring dream, not so much now as a few years ago.

Later in the dream I had returned a luggage cart to the rack to collect my quarter, and quarters kept coming out, more and more at a time, so I just kept taking them. When they stopped coming out a man who had been standing next to me arrested me for taking more than the quarter that was due to me. I protested that I was taking the quarters so I could report it to the company (which I was contemplating doing) but they wouldn't hear of it, and I was in trouble. It was possible I was going on probation, but no matter what I had a crime on my record, AND I was failing all of my classes. I realized this was all too awful and started blinking my eyes, and yes, I woke up.

But when I fell back asleep I dreamt that I had parked my car in a specific place, but when I looked for that place I ended up far away. It was cold and there was very deep snow, so I knew I couldn't get it on my own. I was somehow kidnapped, and with my friend's young cousin. It was known that I would be raped. We were driving in a car and I knew that we were approaching where my car was parked. The kidnapper answered a phone call and I whispered to the girl "If I tell you to run, run." The kidnapper then put down the phone and said "if you run than it will be the little girl getting raped." I got SOO angry and I reached over the little girl and said to him, while he was driving, "I am going to kick your ass, I don't care what happens" and right as I started to punch him "RIIIIIIIIIINGGG!" my wake up call. I got up, took my medication, and drank a cup of coffee, thankful.

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Lavender said...

that is funny! you would have kicked his ass, totally. don't you hate when you get awoken from dreams before they end?

i hate school dreams! I have had them before and they always suck.