Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More dumb roommate whining

Okay, just rediculous.

My roommate is awesomely painting the kitchen. After raving about how awesome she is I did happen to mention to put down a tarp, because there were some drops of paint on the ground. After I said it I came back and raved about her again, to soften the fact that I had said something not 100% positive, and she didn't respond (read: her feelings were hurt)

Thats just unfair. You can't have hurt feelings about drops of paint on the floor, it is not a criticism on the quality of the job, it is an issue of the damage deposit. My feelings would be hurt too, but I would respond, because dropping paint on the floor (and not wiping it up right away) is something that needs to be taken care of.

Now MY FEELINGS are hurt, my comment was twisted into a criticism which is unfair to me. Should I have not told her and followed behind her and wiped it up? GRRRRRR

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