Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Name Diana's Muse!!!

Originally uploaded by DianaCrabtree.

Derek is such a boring name for a muse. I need something better like "Gunther" or "Franz." Can anyone think of a better name than Derek?

This picture is my secular holiday gift to you all, enjoy!
UPDATE: Thanks to Lavender Dawn for his new name "Ullrick" It means "Powerful Wolf" Tee Hee


Dino aka Katy said...

mhhh nah a bit to much muscle for me

Lavender said...

You got me-- how bout Adian?

Diana Crabtree said...

Dino, he has a little too much muscle for me too, but I have liked guys with a little too much belly fat, so if I could "put up with" that I could "put up with" the muscle ;)

Adian is too normal of a name, the name needs to be "out there" approprate for a bodybuilder. Any other ideas?

Lavender said...

Sparhawk, Arnold (tee hee), Bladen- means glory, hero, prosperity; Fergal- man of strength; Ullrick-powerful wolf.


Diana Crabtree said...

Now those names are awesome! Now I have to pick one. Ullrick is pretty good, and it rhymes with his name :) Yup, I think it will be Ullrick :)

Lavender said...

I like Ullrick, too! I never heard of Bladen before I found it. That's a pretty cool name, also.