Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A phone call

So you know that Alan, who's number I got last night? Well he called me...the next day! Today!

It was weird. All of the things I have wanted in a guy, he seemed to be into. He works out 3 times per week, he does a 100 mile bicycle event every year. Not just into excercise, but bicycling! He is in a band, so he has that creative part of him, and he plays guitar, which would totally fit into my family. What else? He is passionate about music, which I no longer am, but would love to date someone who is, so he could make me hip again ;)

Most of all he seemed really well-adjusted. I, of course was sitting thinking about how he was too good for me, but that sort of thinking wont get me anywhere. I did tell him about Charles, and that I have every intention of breaking up with him, and his response was very cool, cooler than I was about it.

I hope that I am not so weighed down with baggage that I would miss an opportunity like this. I would never have the courage to talk to him, but my roommate did. And then I would never call him, but he called me. So I am already in a position that I wouldn't regularly see myself in, so I am a little clueless on what to say and do. I think most important is to be appealing and confident, and not to sabotauge myself.

Aye Yae Yae!


Lavender said...

Just take is slow and easy, have fun and be yourself!

Good luck.

Ps how is ullrick doing?

Diana Crabtree said...

Ullrick, hee hee. He is on vacation in Belize, I am sure with a girlfriend. Hee hee