Thursday, January 18, 2007

I got some

FINALLY! After 5 months, some sex!!!

Last night Alan and I made out, went to a concert, made out some more, then I spent the night!!! It was alright. It's not the wild, hard passion of my fantasies, but it is enough to give me a glow.

One VERY important thing that I got to do yesterday was see his apartment. He had admitted over the phone that he was a packrat, which really concerned me, but when I went to his house I was very pleased. Not only was it neat (but not overly neat) he had art all over the apartment. The place was very cute, it was on the top (third) floor of a duplex, so the ceilings were curved in many different angles. I would love to have a place like that for myself.

The band we saw was called Unicorn Basement. The moment I walked in and saw the man in tights, I knew I would love them. See them if you get the chance.

So besides a rough night of sleeping on a single bed I feel pretty okay. I might be a little depressed, the glow was not like a "love glow" where you feel on top of the world like you met the perfect person, but I think that is to be expected, love failed me, so to expect that I will be rearing to go in developing feelings for another person is too much. I feel pleased, which should count for something.

Oh, and speaking of sleeping, here is a sign. When Charles and I slept together my torso needed space. I felt smothered when he held me. Last night I was able to cuddle comfortably, our faces only inches from eachother. That has to say something about chemistry.

Oh, and the dork left a mark on my neck, what are we, 12?

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