Monday, January 01, 2007

Powerful Motivation

Today I ate well, and then ate a 1380 calorie box of christmas chocolates. I have been anxious the last couple of days and I just played on the computer mindlessly eating chocolate after chocolate after chocolate.

I thought for a second what I must look like eating these chocolates. In my head I look like Giselle Bundchen eating chocolate after chocolate after chocolate, and as we all know, Giselle Bundchen is so georgeous that she would look good doing it. Then I thought of the fact that I do not look like Giselle Bundchen, so I decided to see what I do look like.

I had my roommate take my picture, in my stretchy pajamas, staring at a computer screen, eating a chocolate. Not a nice sight. I contemplated posting the picture, but it was simply too ugly. Damn, damn, ugly.

I think the picture will help. When I am feeling like pigging out I will look at that picture and know that is what I look like. Then I will pick up carrots, drink some water, or best of all, work out.

Hmmm, I should take a picture of my bedroom too!


Dream Writer said...

Carrots and water...blaaahhhh!!!

If you don't mind me asking...what kind of lifestyle change are you working on?

I am going to try the South Beach Diet!!

Heart Disease runs BIG in my it is definetely something that I would like to try and avoid.

Don't deprive yourself Crabtree...Chocolate is Good too eat...especially the Dark chocolate...

I was going to start putting Fun and Healthy Recipes on my blog!

Happy New Year!!

Lavender said...

have you heard of the gobulous hottie bloggers yet? I posted over there about my diet. and how I can sit down with a can of chocolate frosting. you are not alone!

Diana Crabtree said...

Good Job Dream Writer! I don't know if you have started before, but it just makes such a difference in how you feel. It's wonderful :)

I have read that you should skip the first phase of the diet and just do the rest of it.

Lavender- what is that site? "Do I look hot or not eating a 1300 calorie box of chocolates?" LOL I am going to look at it now.

Lavender said...

tell me what you thought