Thursday, January 11, 2007

My night with Alan

Tonight was my date with Alan. We went to a fancy restaurant with GREAT food, then we went to a movie- "Dreamgirls" <--- his idea! Then we went to a dive bar afterwords.

He said I was really pretty. He said I was "a precious jewel" (he used a different word than precious the first time, I wish I could remember it, it was so cool. He also said I was pretty like the beach. No one has ever said either of those things to me.

Yes, I kissed him. I intended not to, but when it was happening I just didn't bother to say anything. So now I have officially cheated on Charles twice. There goes my record of being the girl who doesn't cheat (I have only ever cheated on my boyfriend who was in Juvie when I was 12, and on a very controlling boyfriend who I tried to break up with monthly)

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