Monday, January 22, 2007

It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground.

Tonight was quite the night. I had an emergency landing. We have been trained for emergency landings, but this was the first one I had to do. We had lost engine oil pressure in one of the engines, so the pilots put that engine in idle, and we landed in Ottowa.

So after the landing I was proud. I got through an emergency landing, a woman with anxiety disorder, and I got through it with flying colors.

But that does not mean I made it through the evening without anxiety. You noticed I said we landed in Ottowa? Yeah, Ottowa being Canada, so we couldn't let any of the passengers off during the time we were waiting for the maintinence to get done. We sat for 3 hours. At about the 3 hour point there was a super condecending man who wanted to get off the flight. He was so condecending that he got the "flight attendant smile" from me. I am not one to give people the flight attendant smile.

When I was trying to coordinate to get these PAX off, (they had to stay in Ottowa, they couldn't fly anywhere else because US customs was closed) then everyone started asking me questions. Questions I did not have the answer to. I finally had to walk back to the front and make an announcement "At this point I need to focus on getting these passengers off, after that I will come back to talk to you, but I don't have any new information, I'm sorry" so I finally got those 3 off the plane (we had to wait for an available gate agent)

There was this british guy in the front who made the last condecending guy look polite. He would not stop explaining to me how badly this flight went, telling me everything "WE" did wrong. I was amazed at his ability, as what ever kind of business man he was, that he was miracuously able to solve the flight's problems. I wish he would have been in the cockpit from the beginning! Why have pilots with years of training and experience when a salesman can figure it out from his seat? I dont blame him for being upset, but his complaining was not constructive, it was aggressive as a way to take his frustration out on me and the pilots. I can't believe I neither cried or snapped in his face (but he did get the flight attendant smile too)

Guess what is even better, I get to see these lovelies in the morning. They told us, after 3 hours, that the plane was no longer "Sterile" because we opened the main cabin door, and since US customs was closed in the Hub we couldn't legally fly. So yup, tomorrow I get to see them again. That should be such fun. I pray that the asses aren't on the flight, but I imagine they will be.

In the end, we landed in Ottowa. Alive. Who cares about delays and aggressive men? Those are a part of life, thank god the pilots landed in Ottowa, so we had the privledge to deal with life.

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