Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well, I did it

I still feel short of breath. Hurting him feels like hurting myself.

It went okay, I guess. He said he could never hate me. But he disagrees with me.

This is the right thing, right? Right, I guess. But I feel like he is already my family. I want so much to let him cry on my shoulder about that bitch who hurt him. Oh, and not only did I just break up with him, I cheated on him twice! (no, I will never tell him that.)

Ow, my chest really feels tight. I just want to hold him and comfort him. I just want to take away all of his hurt and stress. I wish I was able to cry, because I really need the release. Ouch.


QueenieCarly said...

It sucks no matter how it happens. Just take some time to take care of yourself, hopefully he'll do the same.

Lavender said...

did he explain what was up his butt while he was away? glad you are (relatively) ok.