Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this on the airplane, ten minutes after the beginning of the new year in my time zone. However, I am traveling to a time zone when it is not the new year yet. So the question is, what new year do I celebrate? Well I have the solution, celebrate both!!!

The new year from my time zone is the one that matters to me I think. I got so excited, I turned on my computer (which has a second hand on the clock) and saw that it was 3 minutes to the new year! I gathered 3 cups and a can of diet sierra mist and rang the flight deck call button “can I come up for the countdown?” I ask the captian, “sure” he says, and I stand with my hands full, waiting for the door to unlock. Nothing. So I ring their call button again but hang up, because it is too hard to hold all of this and the phone at the same time. I get nothing. Then they chime me “The F/O would like a cup of coffee” the captain tells me. Okay, so I grab the cup of coffee, and am now balancing a laptop, cup of coffee, 3 cups and a can of diet sierra mist in my hands. I am not sure how I called them after that but I finally got up there.

I quickly handed off the coffee and diet sierra mist to them and opened up my computer “are you ready for the countdown?” I said cheerfully. “It’s over” they said. “Huh?” and after I got the computer screen back up, there it was, 0:00:07. “It’s all your fault- I missed it getting your stupid coffee!” I said to the F/O. And then we poured the diet sierra mist, the captian had orange juice, and we toasted to a new year.

Now for the next time zone’s new year I am considering doing a countdown over the PA with the passengers, but I am scared they will be silent. MMMMM, I’ll let you know what happens.

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Lavender said...

funny! :)