Friday, September 16, 2005


This week has been interesting. I have not biked a single day this week, when I look back it's becuase I am incredibly, incredibly tired from this "night shift" I signed up for this month.

Night 1:

Putting some of the things I have been reading in practice, I regognize that by suffering from the 4 hour's sleep overnights in Idaho, I can appreciate the 6 hours of sleep overnights I will have this week, where before I would have complained.

My company has just started flying west. We cover most of the east and south, but we never traveled farther west than Nebraska, until recently when we got planes that had the flaps angle that can handle the mountains. The first day I was struck by how different Wyoming feels compared to anywhere else I have seen.


The van driver "Wally" was very friendly. He shook our hands and introduced himself. On the drive to the hotel we saw 10-15 deer! I am not exaggurating! Two of them were bucks, one had four points! They were just hanging out in groups- on the side of the road! As we approached the hotel we passed a white dog, it looked like a pitbull, it had been hanging around the area awile apparently.

I stayed in room 1416.

Night 2:

We sat in the hotel van waiting for a passenger before leaving for the hotel. The VERY nice captain and Wally were chatting away like best friends. Across the street suddenly there is a crash. A man backed into the parked car behind him. We watched him get out and check, and them walk into the airport, we assumed he was looking for the owner or a police officer. While the driver was in the airport, the captian peeked to see if there was damage (it sure sounded like it!)


We all expected the driver to come out with at least a note to put on the car, but he just drove away! What a jerk! We all talked about ethics and how jerky he was, and the captian decided to write a note for the car that had been hit. Now here is the sad part. I had taken a picture, FOR MY BLOG, I never even CONSIDERED turning the hit and run driver in! All of this "lovingkindness" I have been studying and the one time I have the opportunity to REALLY help someone (take good evidence pictures) I ZONE it! Well the good thing is the captain didn't zone, he had gotten the licence plate of the driver, so we were able to talk to the parked car's owner and I e-mailed the pictures (sadly, the evidence picture, which was visible on my camera, turned out like this. I "protected" the picture on the camera so I could try to find a way to upload it with more detail, but in the process I reformatted the card. DOH!)


The owner wrote the nicest e-mail back to me. He said he hadn't got any info because the cop was out of town. (???) Funny that he would choose now for a vacation, because there was a police convention at the hotel!


Scary huh? Well speaking of scary, there are rumors that this hotel is haunted! When I had stayed here before I had heard footsteps up above me, I had told this to the crew the next day, and the van driver said "above you was the roof" OOOOOOOOOOH! (It's very possible that I heard people in the halls, and the sound reflected to sound like it was coming from above)


The captian had said room 1416 was haunted. He said his food had been rearranged in the fridge when he had stayed there before! One of the van drivers said people say they see a woman with a kitchen knife in the kitchen! They dared me to take 1416 again. I decided to do it.


I hate to admit to it. I am a very rational person. I believe in ghosts! I think 75% of the sightings are actually sleep paralysis or a half dream state, but I can't help it, I feel like there is something that happens sometimes, like the house absorbs the energy of things that have happened in it, okay I will shut up now before I embarrass myself. But if this "energy" mumbo-jumbo is true, the hotel had some really haunted "vibes" It felt like it had a lot of history take place in it. They even used KEYS to open the doors!


The first night I wasn't scared, but this night I was tense, maybe it was because I was in an alledgedly haunted room, maybe not. But I will confess, when I had turned off the T.V. I felt nervous. I figured that if I heard a noise, like the heater clicking, I would freak out, so I turned it back on to go to sleep. hee hee.

Night 3:

My first officer was from this city! No big deal, but he saw people he knew! It was a town of 60,000, yet there he was, saying hi to people on the airplane! "He's the uncle of someone I know" On the way to the hotel the driver says he recognized the hit & run driver! He was someone high up in the "Elk's club!" So, since stranger things have happened I asked the first officer if he knew a kid I had an embarrassing obsessive crush on in college (a boy so letchy I nicknamed him "Molester Mike") I wish I hadn't asked him, becuse he had gone to high school with him. I came up with some spur of the moment description of how I knew him "he was in pre-occupational therapy when I was in pre-physical therapy" becuase "he hit on me the first week of school and said a few suggestive things which to a horny freshman with low self esteem is SOOO hot! and so for the next two years I would stumble over my words and act all giddy and idiotic when he was around and frankly, I feel humiliated just recalling the memory" well that just didn't sound so good. I pray the first officer doesn't run into him and mention that I brought him up. What a painful flashback!

Guess what room I stayed in that night? 1416


(The ghost is in front of the camera, that is why it is blurry)

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