Friday, September 09, 2005

A few words of gratitude

I just want to take a moment to thank those of you who read my blog. I can't tell you just how much it means to me. It motivates me so much!

Thank you also for taking the time to comment, I love to know what you think- especially when you agree with me LOL! If you read my site and never comment I appreciate it just as much.

I want you to know that I am not good at reading and commenting on other blogs. I got burnt out on doing it too much when I started blogging. It sometimes takes all of my energy to finish a post (as my lack of copy-editing proves- hee hee) when I am done I usually am intellectually spent and leave the computer. It isn't meant selfishly, I want to reciprocate and then some, but I have limited energy and am learning that I have to budget it.

I had to write this so you all know.

mood: still lunatic-y :)


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elvira black said...


I recently came upon your blog, and really like it. Coincidentally, however, this post came on the heels of a piece I wrote the other day concerning the "polltics" of commenting.

Although I can certainly understand how one might not have the energy or time to comment to/visit other blogs, I have noticed something interesting in the short time I've been reading (and commenting) to your posts.

You and Satan seem to have an IM style banter going on. When he makes a little quip, you unerringly respond. Sometimes these have the effect, to my mind, of almost trivializing an otherwise serious post.

Conversely, I notice that others--not just myself--who take the time to compose a detailed, thought out reply are sometimes simply ignored.

Perhaps I am too sensitive, but if I feel I am being excluded from a commenter clique, I will hesitate long and hard before visiting or commenting again.

Just my observation, for what it's worth.

Diana Crabtree said...

I LOVE so much that you wrote this, it means so much. You could have just said to yourself "forget her" and I would have never noticed this point! And if one person says it, a dozen could be thinking it, thanks X1000.

You have it on the nose about Satan. It happened slowly, it started out that he would comment and I would respond, and we would be online at the same time so it would become a "conversation" and over time it has become a sentance at a time, just like IM. And certianly it is not on the topic of the post. I don't know why I figured no-one would read them, why wouldn't they? I sort of hoped in the beginning that people would jump in and it could become a multiple person online party, but I imagine I wouldn't feel comfortable mostly because of his smart aleck sense of humor.

I want to point out one thing...your comments are not "Ignored." When I get a long, well thought out comment like you put on my airplane incident post I read them and take them in deeply and REALLY appreciate them. But how exactly do I expect you to know this if I don't put a response and a thank you?

I just went back to that post, and saw that at the end there was 1 sentance banter responded to and then your AWESOME post not responded too, and I can REALLY imagine how hurt I would feel if the tables were turned.

As an explination, NOT an excuse, I struggle with perfectionism. He writes a lighthearted little joke I can muster up the energy to respond to that. But to respond to a kind, warm-hearted, well-put sharing of experience, I feel deserves the same, and on 4 hours of sleep I didn't have THAT (an equally moving response) in me. The correct action would be for me to write..."Wow! Thanks! I am so touched by this! I am working on 4 hours of sleep so I am having a hard time putting the words together to know what to say, so I will just say "Thanks."

So, now that I have HAD more than 4 hours of sleep...THANKS for that comment, and even more THANKS for this comment! It was really kind of you to tell me what you honestly thought, you took the time to write your thoughts & feelings about it, even after I rudely hadn't expressed my appreciation of your other posts, and I can't thank you enough.

There is a good reason why I liked these conversations on my blog- but at the time I thought having it on my blog was harmless. Now I can see that it sends the wrong message, thanks for so kindly drawing my attention to it!