Sunday, September 25, 2005

Me in 20 years

Did you know...

That in 20 years I will be married, to my first and only husband. We will have two children, a foster brother and sister who we had adopted, but we maintain a sometimes strained but courteous relationship with the birth mother.

I work only part time, I instruct a yoga class once a week and have a few on-going massage clients who I give a nice discount to. Now and then I try for freelance writing gigs, but I don't persue it much because I don't like deadlines.

The rest of the time I am working at home. Cooking organic meals from scratch as much as possible, authentic recipies from all over the world, usually vegetable based, but when I use meat I only buy it from the small organic farms that treat the animals well.

My husband is an attorney who works on social justice cases. He makes decent money, but we live very modestly. We have a small house in a nice neighborhood in the city, not the suburbs. We have one car, a fuel cell, and we wear very few labels, only those that are well made, using fair labor, and are not marked up for status value.
Our most extravagent material items are the environmental things for our home. Solar power, a grey water system, extremely energy efficient appliances, a double flush toilet. We do spend alot of our money on travel and cultural events, and we acknowledge how fortunate we are to be able to do this.

I am in good health. Therapy, meditation, exercise, and a good diet (and a great sex life) help me to only need low doses of medication. I am about 175 pounds, I had abandoned the skinny goal years ago. I am well muscled but still pleasantly fat. I have more energy than I did in my 20's

Our kids are the center of my whole world. I am able to stand up to the social phobia and depression so they can live a full, stimulating life. During the summer we do a lot of exploring during the day. During the school year I get a lot of the household things done during the day so at night we can focus on homework, and time hanging out together, the whole family. Our kids are not over-scheduled. The have usually 2 activities going on at a time (a sport and a cultural activity) they spend much of their days playing.

In our house we have a tv, but the antenna isn't very good and we rarely watch it. What is my favorite activity to do alone? Blogging of course!

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