Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Kanye inspired me to do

ignored the teleprompter and had the bravery to say the truth. The speed of the Federal Government's response to the refugees in New Orleans is lacking, partly because our National Guard and equipment aren't available to us- they are in Iraq, looking for weapons of mass destruction that arent there- but there is mass destruction here.

took quite the risk by speaking up when he wasn't supposed to. We can't forget the backlash the Dixie Chicks recieved, however, alot of that was from a campaign of redneck DJ's, not the same people who play music. However, Kanye has that "representin' the middle class" vibe to him, so he could lose some fans who thought he was non-threatning, but I am sure the added street-cred will make up for those losses.

Today my sister and I were going to go biking. On the way to look at the house she is in the process of buying we saw a Pannekoeken Huis, something we hadn't seen for ages, and decided to have lunch, there we ran into her old friend.

Her friend told us Hope For The City, an anti-poverty organization, was sending trucks to New Orleans and that they were going to drop off some food that day. I thought that was a terrible idea. The cost to ship food in small quantities seemed like such a waste, the cash could be used to buy huge trucks full of water and vats of food. But my sister Linda says thats only half true. She works for a food shelf and she says yes, the food is cheaper in large quantities, but it takes a week or so to order, and she has found that when something happens they need the food right away, and the cash is more useful once the orders have come through, but in New Orleans, people need food...NOW!

We went to a cheap grocery store and got about $100 of food. It seemed like so much money, and like it would make so little difference, but we had to keep reminding ourselves that a little is bigger than nothing.

I was inspired by Kanye, who not only made a risky ad-lib, but who pointed the finger at himself, saying "I went shopping, and I still haven't donated." Initally I planned to go buy his albums. I think his music is a little sample-heavy, but his hooks are regularly running through my head, so I could stand listening to the CDs. Instead I decided to spend the money on donations. He said "I've been shopping and havent donated anything" and I realized, I too have been shopping and haven't donated anything, thank you Kanye for pointing that out!

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Imagine being in a hot stadium with (what is left of) your family, there is no electricity, no food, no medical help, with people dying all around you! People are getting shot around you, people are being raped around you. You don't know if anyone knows what is happening!

God Bless Them!


Anonymous said...

Kanye spoke the truth and challenged a lying president and doing so with class and calmness, he spoke what is in his heart, to stop and injustice….many of us including myself have called out bush by swearing, bush a bitch and a liar, but not KW, called BUSH out on the TRUTH!!! Hallelujah there’re is hope for the world.

Yes realize the white privilege structure and all the inequality in the world, esp. in America, then demand change by ADVOCATING for the change you want to see in the world [a play on a quote by Gandhi jii); be JUST & FAIR ---- rock on, we can build a better world community, if we work for it and believe it and of course spread the hope and determination to others.

There is both classism and racism, don’t kid yourself if you think racism is over, it is as prevalent as classicism, that is how the lower class just took it up the A** with all of the conservative BUSH policies that have been passed over the last 4 years and some of the more resent bills like the energy bill and the bankruptcy bill

If only congress would smarten up and demand a 10 percent fuel efficiency hike for next year’s car fleet and progressive increases for the foreseeable future like 2-5 whatever is attainable,. That would reduce fuel costs and save the environment too. Let’s look for proactive solutions instead of more drilling and other supply side arguments, conservative don’t always have good ideas that are sound in their mechanisms.

-PS if you like Kanye then you will like Immortal Technique
-PS if you hate Kanye then you will love to hate Immortal Technique more.


Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks for reading and commenting a_jinni.

Public policy seems to get worse and worse, and with the supreme court turning even more conservative I just don't know what will happen next.

I looked up Immortal Technique and want to hear him, thanks.

elvira black said...


I like Mike Meyers, but he looked like a blithering idiot reading awkwardly off the teleprompter. What is this, an Oscar awards ceremony?

We are ill-prepared for any disaster--acts of G-d or man, foreign or domestic. I, too, have imagined what it would be like to be without my home, food, water, or safety. The likelihood of this--and worse--happening again in the future is very real, especially since the Administration also turns a blind eye to the horrifying threat of nuclear attack. We are busy trying to "save the world" while not attending to our own safety and security. Terrifying and tragic.

That Girl said...

Yeah, I have donated what little I have to give as well. Every bit helps.

Satan said...

There's a problem in New Oreleans?

Diana Crabtree said...

Ha ha

Diana Crabtree said...

It's on the news constantly, but thank god! I am sick of knowing injustices happen and having little reported on it.

Joseph said...

I hope Bush is not going say N.Korea or Iran is the cause of this and send his sec of state to UN to prove it and then start another war. He is capable of doing it though.
If there is any impeachment to be done, it should be on Bush...
Leaving those aside, I hope people of N.O. find hope even amidst this situation and will find a way to re-build their lives and city; while others will come out and help whatever little they could.

Diana Crabtree said...


Well, it would be funny if it wasn't so close to being true! I doubt it will happen though, becuase N. Korea and Iran actually have weapons of mass destruction ;)

Thank you for your wishes for the people of New Orleans, I hope they are able to rebuild their lives and I hope the people of S. India are able to rebuild their lives.

Satan said...

I was being serious *shrugs*

Diana Crabtree said...

Sorry dear, I assumed you were joking becuase I heard about it on BBC.

There was a category 5 hurricane that hit near or in New Orleans. New Orleans had 100 year old levees (sp?) that broke, and the whole city, which is below sea level, flooded.

Well natural disasters are horrible but they happen, but the way it was (and is being) dealt with was screwed up. People were sent to the "Superdome" a sports arena, and I think there were some problems there with getting any food, medical attention, hygenic supplies etc. There were people who went to the convention center, hundreds upon hundreds, and the Fed Government officials denied anyone was even there!

The resources were only enough for search & rescue (to be dropped off in the superdome) and so dead bodies were left to float around. There arent enough cops, and surprise, people with no access to food are "looting" (sorry to be dramatic, but this isn't the sort of thing you imagine happening in the richest country in the world)

What makes this so sad to me is...they made it a "mandatory evacuation" (and I guess there is controversy about that) but what about people who dont have cars? How do they evacuate? Where do they go?

Yes, horrible things happen every day in poor countries, and that is just as tragic, but thing is, those governments have an excuse...they are poor, they dont have the resources, we do but we arent. And the people who are in the convention center, hungry, feet away from dead family members, they happen to be poor, it makes it really hard to shake the feeling that this country only cares about the welfare of the wealthy.

Diana Crabtree said...

Now I am off to bed to dream about the things I am going to buy for myself tomorrow. Ahh, the human spirit, so immune to tragedy when commerce is involved.

Satan said...

Ha ha - I WAS joking : )

Diana Crabtree said...

i cant win

Diana Crabtree said...


Satan said...

You are a winner in my books.

Satan said...

What did you end up buying?

Diana Crabtree said...

I got a saucepan, clothes, an electric air pump, a bike lock (locked I think- doh!) some camp chairs and some shoes.

I would have gotten more, but it was a labor day sale and people were behaving like animals. 50 year old middle class women were in lines twenty carts long (I am serious!) and pushing and shoving to get 1/2 off of 4 dollar shirts!

It was an ugly sight to say the least.