Friday, September 02, 2005


There is a new person in the world! Jane had a little girl! We will call the little beauty Daisy! Jane called and said "Me and Daisy say hi!"

I just want to scream! This is so beautiful and wonderful and amazing! My friend Sweet -stay-at-home-mommy had her little boy around 20, and at the time she was a "friend of ours" but not exactly "one of us" The three of us, Jane, Carrie and I were best friends, and Jane is the first of us to get married, and now the first of us 3 to have a BEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEE!

Thank you universe!

mood: surreal! Too amazing! TOO AMAZING!


Satan said...

maybe you can read her my childrens story ; )

Diana Crabtree said...

Billy & the Taxi?

Satan said...

Egan... which is Yes in Hungarian.