Monday, September 26, 2005

Today felt good

I hung out with Lily today. We went to an Indian restaurant which was fun, because she had never had Indian food before. She is just so lovely, she just sparkles!

As I had wrote in an earlier post, she took a girl in who had no-where to go, I asked her if she might like some clothes I was donating to the Goodwill, I had some in there that was nearly new, but I didn't fit in them. I loved being able to give them right to her. Sure, she could go to the Goodwill and buy them herself, but they would charge $5-$6 each, and that adds up when you have 3 kids!

I had 4 boxes and two bags. She took it all! It's amazing how we were able to help each other equally! She got some for her kids, her "new kid," and for a friend of hers who has nothing, not even a bed. My favorite part of the day was the fact that I am the poorest of my friends, and I was able to help her, who is poor, and she is able to help someone that is even more poor! It goes to show that your life is as good as you are grateful.

mood: like (literally) a million bucks!

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