Friday, September 02, 2005

Sloth- One of my favorite 7 sins

I woke up this morning and had breakfast, and then I decided to go back to sleep.

I was not dreading the day to come, I did not feel unhappy, I just didn't have any plans forcing me to be awake, and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. There is a physical part of my job, the repeated pressurizing and depressurizing, the mild oxygen deficiency and the long hours and short sleep, and the combination of these things, plus the bad diet of expensive airport food, can really take the piss out of you. It is my experience that an alarm clock free nap can make all of the difference in the world (Maybe twice a year I end up sleeping an entire day...I kid you not!)

I have been worn down a bit. I haven't gotten to enjoy much time alone, although I have enjoyed the time I have spent with my new roommate and friends, I have been a bit on edge since the day Emma said she was going to move, so now the drama is over, she is moved in, my money is caught up, and my fun new bike-commute schedule starts next month, so I can finally AHHHHHHH unwind.

Speaking of my bike, and things being tense, yesterday in preperation for my month of biking I went to my local bike/snowboard shop, and told them I wanted to buy a new chain. The cute guy I see there alot (well they are all cute, but he's cuter because he is so nice to me) said "why do you want to replace the chain?" I said something like "because it sucks", he said something like "what exactly about it sucks?" I told him It had a stiff link, it's something I couldn't get out myself, and since it kept happening I decided I was sick of it and wanted to replace it. He bent it out and said "It probably needs some lube" (Dont think my mind didn't enjoy the innuendo that I could come up with from that- I resisted sharing any of it) He sprayed it down with a silicone lube spray and wiped it too. I said "You sure its going to be cool now?" he said yes.

He could have SO taken advantage of me there. (yes- in more ways than one LOL) Twice I had been told when you replace the chain sometimes you have to replace the other part too, because it wears and stretches. He could have replaced the chain and the gears and I would have grudgingly paid it, but I wouldn't be too eager to buy from the store. But because he fixed my problem for free I bought some lube, replaced my damaged bike map, and bought a gift certificate for my friend so she can get a special "Vagina Seat" for her bike. (I have a special doctor designed seat with a gap in the middle to protect my delicate baby-making parts- I call it, loudly, my vagina seat.)

mood: rested, and beginning to feel a spark of enthusiasm to begin the day

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