Monday, September 12, 2005


If you have faith in the strength of your legs you are not afraid to go out into the world. You know that they will hold you up, even if the winds get very strong. When you have faith that your legs are strong, you welcome challenges and tests of their strength, becuase they help you learn where they are weak and how to make them stronger.

If you build a brick wall around yourself you don't get knocked over by the wind because you never go out into it. Some people are told that this is faith. They are told they should NOT test the strength of their legs because the wind will knock them over. If the person was to test their legs they would either be knocked over or not. If they were able to remain upright, they would know their legs were indeed strong. If they were knocked over, they would learn that their legs are not strong, which is good, because they would know they need to change things so they can stand up outside.

Challenges and questions are not our enemy, they are our friend. They help us get information about the things we believe and the choices we make. Change is scary, so it makes sense why we shield ourselves from questions and challenges- because we might learn that something should be changed. But if you really think something is true, take a chance, welcome questions- test your faith.

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hey you... my spaminator killed your comment because it thought it was spam, so i had to post your comment as an entry on my blog. i think you're right i ought to see my psych doc as an ally, but i was really scared when i saw him last week, so i sort of withheld stuff from him, but now i'm feeling really bad. and i think i need some more meds. anyway, my therapist is going to call him and also a mood disorder clinic so i can get another opinion.

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Diana Crabtree said...

I'm glad to know that!

Please ask the spaminator what I ever did to it!

OG said...

i sometimes find it hard. i mean, faith is like walking off the edge of a cliff with a sincere belief that someone will catch u if u cant fly.
i find that hard. but i pray everyday that i'll find the strength to do it willingly.
its really cool that ure facing issues that deal with self-knowledge and spirituality and such head-on. u rock babes!

fluffybunnyfeet said...

*big watery brown eyes*

Sorry... : (

That Girl said...

I think you posted that just for me...I needed that today!

Diana Crabtree said...

OG- If I was asked to show an example of a Christian with the strong-leg type of faith, I would show them your site. I am serious! You have been warm and welcoming to me, spider, a guy named SATAN even! You love God and Jesus, and you love and trust them enough that you arent afraid to meet and know people who see God in a different way. THAT is faith!

Diana Crabtree said...

Sparkle- I am so sorry you had such a rotten day. I couldn't do a job like that- keeping all of that stuff together, at that speed, takes real skill. NO human being could do that with out messing up a few times at first. Maybe Mr. Crest can cheer you up ;)

PS Im so HAPPY my post could help a little bit :)

Diana Crabtree said...

And fluffy-

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

1. With mint jelly
2. With hollandaise sauce
3. Curried...

fluffybunneyfeet said...

It's a beautiful post. I hope you continue to have faith

fluffybunnyfeet said...

...also, could you capitalize LEARN in the last sentance of the second paragraph? (I think, for what it's worth, a poignant addition)