Wednesday, September 21, 2005

THIS is why I wanted a laptop

It is 7:45PM, do you know where your Diana is? In a plane. On the ground. In the rain.

The flight started out rather oddly, while at the gate, checking in, an announcement was made that there was a severe thunderstorm watch and that gate agents should prepare for emergency procedures. I have been flying for two and a half years, and I have never heard such an announcement, and we have had far worse storms than the one in the area.

We boarded quickly in hopes that we could take off before the storm arrived, but none of us expected it would happen (being the pessimists our company and industry conditions us to be) Of course we are in a ground hold, (when no planes are allowed to take off or land, usually due to weather.) I was not surprised. The cabin is doing great. The announcements may have scared them into remembering that the airlines don’t control the weather.

It is 8:46. We had a brief moment when we thought we would take off, but now we have to be re-routed and will need more fuel. This computer (and a good nap I took today) is really helping me to stay calm and happy, and helps my mood rub off ofn the passengers (you would be shocked of what a difference that makes.) Right at the beginning I brought drinks around, I am thinking I should walk through the cabin now, but I think all that will happen is they will ask questions I don’t know the answer to.

It is 8:52, off to the gate to get more fuel.

9:10, the jetbridge is being moved

9:31 cancelled

10:09 on a plane that (may) fly to traverse city, waiting to board becuse the ramp is closed because of lightning- my mood has taken a little turn :(

10:11, gonna take a little nap

10:26 boarding

11:43 made announcement that we are about to push back from the gate

11:48 actually pushed back

11:55 tenth in line?

At 12:07 we finally took off. Its 12:49 now, I am done serving drinks and am hopeful that things will go okay from this point forward (except for the 3 hours sleep of course)

Do you know what kept popping in my head thorough all of this. My job is cool, my life is cool. If I can feel like that when I am this miserable, I think I might be in the right place.

mood: SO TIRED!

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