Saturday, September 17, 2005

Give me a bridge- I am ready to jump

"The Corporation" is too much truth for me. Too much reality.


I hope you all realize that this privlege of blogging will not last forever. It will be legal to write about the cute Prada handbag that people are lining up for, but political posts, anti-business posts, censored.

I really can't blame people for putting their heads in the sand. I really can't blame people for turning their heads. It hurts! It hurts so much! It is so frightening. If you acknowledge the present you have to acknowledge the future. This is why people hate Micheal Moore so much. He scares us. He tells us TOO MUCH TRUTH. He tries to drum the truth into our heads, and so it feels like he is blugeoning us.

I am going to finish the film. I am proud that I am willing to take it in. It is pretty straightforward, spin-proof, discredit-proof, but that doesn't mean anything anymore. People watch Fox news and the 700 club and don't recognize the manipulative tone of voice and word choices. If people have the ability to find news that soothes them and helps them feel good about things that arent good, then how many of us have the energy to suggest differently? Especially if we are belittled by our own co-workers for it? (I was ATTACKED by a captian when he heard I didn't own a car. In truth, the main reason I don't is for economic reasons- but he started challenging every aspect of my life [he even suggested the bus was worse for the environment that a car!] when I hadn't even MENTIONED that I think about environmental issues [except for my inflammatory statement "there is no harm in studying global warming"])

mood: even risperdal (trademark) couldn't keep me from anxiously eating two cups of carrots with about a quarter cup of dip (pure fat & calories)

UPDATE: I watched the rest- the movie shows you the future, but gives you the key to saving it. Please rent it.

Mark Kingwell, Philosopher, in Deleted Scenes from the film "The Corporation":

"Economists, especially right wing economists, like to say there is a model of 'rational self interest of behavior' which defines human life, human desire. But of course what they can't countenance in that model is departures from what they call 'rational self intrest' which happen all the time. We have to complicate the model, there may be other directed actions rather than self directed actions: self sacrifice; minimization of profit for the sake of some other value; and so on and so on. And this of course is not news to any human, but it is news to a lot of economists, becuase it's not the way they had concieved the world. You know we should take the time to notice this discrepincy, becuse it is the key to rebuilding the picture such that its richer and more human and not so much about profit"

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