Saturday, April 09, 2005

They just arent that into me

It has been a bad man day for me!

I had dinner with the F/O, we talked about how he met his wife (at a bar, ha ha)His story was so much how the stories are supposed to go. And I knew at that point what I already know but hate...Kareem is...just not that into me. EHHHHHHH!

He should be, But whatever. He waits 4 days to e-mail me back, and I gave him my number, and instead of calling me he e-mails me his number. He wants to take what I am willing to give but thats it. I am not surprised, he met me with Lorraine, a very unflattering context. I am dissappointed. I see potential there, but what can I do if hes just not that into me.

Then today, who do I see at the airport? Derek! I called out his name (running into him at the airport, what a great way to get his attention!) I introduced myself and caught something that I certianly missed. Remember when I said he may have a non-gay same sex crush on Michelle? Well what if he has a gay same sex crush on Michelle? DUH! I asked him where he was traveling and he said "I'm going to new york for the weekend" in that vauge way that people avoid mentioning their sexuality when they dont know some-one well enough.

So I am taking applications for new people to crush on! My old crushes just arent that into me! WAHHHHHH!


OG said...

that totally sux!!!'boo to both of them.
im mad kareem emailed u his number! dude, r u serious? im miffed.
oh well, they might still have potential. some guys are simply the opposite of aggresive. like the extreme opposite. so perhaps, kareem actually likes u but doesnt want appear pushy/desperate/who-the-heck-knows. and perhaps derek was going to see him mom!
but just incase, still take em applications. and shame on them!

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks so much OG! It does suck! Doesn't it? Can I borrow your John Legend CD, I need to cry WAAAAAAAHHHHH!

I like your possible version of things, but I think my more cynical version is right. My F/O verbally confirmed, if you like a girl you call them.

As for Derek, my gay-dar went off. I wish it was tuned better where I would have seen it earlier, but usually it is pretty accurate.


Thanks for your support!

Mere Existence said...

I'd apply for the position, but I'd probably turn out like the others.

Spider said...

All I can think of is, imagine if the guys that weren't right for you were so awesome, imagine how amazing the right guy will be for you!!!

Diana Crabtree said...

Mere- was that a dig? I think that was a dig!

No crush for you!

Spider, Thank you. Oh that is the NICEST most true statement in the world. Ladies (and men) of the world. Don't Settle! Do you hear me NEVER SETTLE!